Mentor Professionals - personal development

Description of Mentor Professionals

MP is an infrastructure that;

It works on the principle of abundance for all and riches for no-one. The divisions of MP that are required to do this are:

The Network of Mentors

Promotional and Networking Team

In various countries.

Quality Control

We utilise a system of client operated inter-actional software which:

Furthermore the system is designed to assess the ripple out effect of mentoring on the mentoree's family, work colleagues and clientele.  The inter-actional components of this system have been designed by Dr. Peter Parkinson (Director and Founder of MP) and programmed by MP specifically for the purpose in hand.  Copyright and intellectual property rights apply.  Demonstration CD versions are available by phoning the MP office 00 64 9 360 7921 or via e-mail request.

Code of Ethics

All interim mentors and mentors have a professional code of ethics.  A specific Mentor Professionals code of ethics is being drafted.  This is being done in consultation with Anouk Graav of our associate training organisation, Consulting Edge.

Peer Review and Accreditation

The self peer and collaborative accreditation system follows the guidelines of John Heron's innovation and will be reviewed by him as the originator.  Mentor Practitioners who join our organisation do so as Interim Mentors and move to full mentorship through attending peer groups and partaking in the assessment process.

Mentor Training

Our Mentor Training course, which is designed to bring those who are not otherwise trained in facilitation, up to a level at which they could embark on the self peer and collaborative mentor accreditation is a 2-year long part time experiential course.  The course has been developed in collaboration initially with John Heron and later in consultation with Anouk Graav of Consulting Edge. Consulting edge also provides short introductory courses in mentoring and coaching.  Full documentation of the above are available upon request and with written acknowledgement of intellectual property rights.